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boost your home loan eligibility

5 Tips to boost your home loan eligibility

The journey to homeownership can seem like a maze, especially when it comes to meeting the eligibility criteria set by lenders. However, fear not! In this blog post, we'll delve into effective strategies that can boost your home loan eligibility, turning your dream home into a tangible reality. Home loan lenders consider multiple criteria while evaluating home loan applications. Your application may...

interest rate on home loans

5 Ways to Reduce Interest Rate on Home Loans

So you have finalized your home! So far so good… Finding the right Home Loan is the next thing in your mind. The interest rate on home loans is one of the primary concerns and deciding factors when finalizing a home loan. There has been a continuous reduction in interest rates by RBI to boost Real-estate sales. A small difference in the interest rates offered will make a huge difference for you...

Home Loan

4 Tips to Help You Close Your Home Loan Early

A home loan is a long haul obligation, considering the fact that its repayment might stretch up to 30 years. This loan helps you own a house along with availing tax benefits; however, it also impacts your present and future finances. Therefore, you should pay off the loan as soon as possible by carefully managing related factors like repayment tenure and monthly instalments. If you plan to foreclose...

Home loan rates fall to below 7%. Five tips on how to reduce your EMI burden -

Home loan rates fall to below 7%. Five tips on how to reduce your EMI burden

This is the time one should consider switching his home loan to a PSU bank to avail of the benefits of lower home loan rate.  Home loan rates have fallen to as low as 6.7% as public sector banks have mostly passed on the repo rate cut announced by the Reserve Bank of India over the last four months. PSU banks including the State Bank of India are now charging between 6.7-7% interest rate on new...

How To Apply Encumbrance Certificate (EC) In Tamilnadu. -

How To Apply Encumbrance Certificate (EC) In Tamilnadu.

The first step while considering the purchase of a property, the buyer has to ensure that the legal title of the property is clear – Encumbrance certificate says whether there is any lien/charge on the property, or if there are other owners/claimants to the property other than the seller, if the property has been mortgaged or if there is an existing housing loan against the property or if the property...

home loan transfer

Essentials To Know About the Property Transfers

Nothing can match the joy of buying a Home! We all take months to finalize a property, and then invest our hard earned money and lifetime savings in buying a Home.But that’s not where your Home buying journey ends. Most of us are unaware of the post purchase paperwork that we would need to complete.Managing the countless legal paperwork which one requires to do for buying a Home is an extremely lengthy...

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