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model tenancy act

Benefits Of The Model Tenancy Act

The Union Cabinet approved the Model Tenancy Act to bolster the relationship between homeowners and tenants. Here we explain about benefits of the Model Tenancy Act (MTA2021) It will facilitate tenants to find a house easily as it encourages private participation and makes available unrented houses in the real estate market. The present act will strengthen the rental real estate market and regulates...


Model Tenancy Act 2021 – Basic Rights & Responsibilities You Must Know

The Union cabinet approved the Model Tenancy Act 2021 on Wednesday 2nd June to bridge the trust gap between owners and tenants by making compulsory tenancy agreement, rights and obligations of owner and tenant much more transparent across the country. The Model Tenancy Act 2021 is same as the draft model released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs last year during october month which has 47...

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