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Living in an apartment in Chennai – 5 Pros & Cons

pros and cons of living in an Apartment in Chennai

Living in an apartment in Chennai and other cities has its pros and cons, and choosing an apartment over an individual house is a personal choice that depends on individual circumstances and lifestyle. If you are considering living in a regular type apartment that can occupy your family members with sufficient space here are some of the benefits and drawbacks that you should consider.

Pros of living in an apartment

1. Convenience:

One of the biggest benefits of living in an apartment is the convenience that it provides. Most apartments are located near the city center, providing residents with easy access to public transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This saves residents time and money, as they don’t have to travel far to access the amenities they need.

2. Affordability:

Buying or Renting an apartment is typically more affordable than preferring an individual house, making it a popular option for people who are on a tight budget. Additionally, apartment living often involves fewer expenses, such as tax, maintenance, repairs, and utility costs, making it easier for residents to manage their finances.

3. Security:

Living in an apartment complex usually comes with a higher level of protection for kids and senior citizens of your family compared to an individual house. Most apartment buildings have security personnel and cameras that monitor the premises, making it a safer option for residents.

4. Less Responsibility:

When you live in an apartment, you are not responsible for maintaining the grounds, fixing pipelines and appliances, or dealing with any structural problems like cracks and leakage. This is because these responsibilities fall to the property owner or owner’s association and the management company.

5. Social Life:

Apartment living can be a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Many apartments have communal areas, such as lounge rooms, gardens, or swimming pools, where residents can socialize and form friendships and it would be a great place for your kids to grow up.

Cons of living in an apartment

1. Space Constraints:

One of the biggest drawbacks of living in an apartment is the limited amount of space available. Unlike an individual house, apartments are often smaller and have limited storage space. This can make it difficult to accommodate a growing family or to have guests over.

2. Lack of Privacy:

Apartment living often involves shared walls, meaning that you may be able to hear your neighbors, their music, or their conversations. Additionally, apartment balconies, windows, and gardens are often visible from other apartments, reducing privacy for residents.

3. Maintenance Issues:

Although apartment living comes with fewer responsibilities, residents may still experience maintenance issues that need to be addressed by the property owner or management company. This can include noisy neighbors, plumbing problems, or problems with appliances.

4. Rules and Restrictions:

Most apartment buildings have strict rules and restrictions that residents must abide by. For example, some apartments may have restrictions on smoking, pets, or even decorating the interior of your unit.

5. Lack of control:

When living in an apartment, residents have limited control over the property they occupy. They cannot make changes to the structure or appearance of the building and may have to deal with rules and regulations that are imposed by the property owner or management company.

In conclusion, living in an apartment in Chennai that is not less than 700 square feet has its own pros and cons. It’s up to the individual to weigh these factors and decide if apartment living is the right choice for them. If you are considering an apartment, it is important to evaluate your lifestyle, and budget carefully and needs to determine if it is the right fit for you.

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